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Photos from Mary Ohno's Performance in Myanmar are up

IMG 0306

Mary Ohno performed at the Yankin Education College in Yangon, Myanmar on August 28, 2016 as Myanmar - Japan Culture Exchange
The World First Collaboration of Shamisen, Burmese Harp, Ukulele.

To view more photos, go to the gallery in the Performances link above, or click here

Japanese Dance & Music Festival in Maynmar!




Website Updates

We have added Photos from our successful performance in Santa Fe, New Mexico from April 16

and added a video and Photos from Sakcuracon in Seattle on March 25th.

Our upcoming Performances have also been added to the schedule:

1) JAMAF (Japanese Anime & Manga Arts Festival)
May 21 (Sat.)  01:00 - 02:00 

2)  http://www.nwfolklife.org/festival2016/

NW Folklife Festival
May 29 (Sun.) 12:20-01:10 Exhibition Hall (International  Dance Stage)
May 29 (Sun.) 03:00-03:50 Discovery Zone Stage
3) Vashon Strawberry Festival
July 15-17 

We hope to see you!

Congratulations Mary Ohno! Sensei reaches her Koki (70th) birthday!

Congratulations to our dear Mary-Sensei! She has reached the age of 70, the age meaning Koki.
May you have many many more happy years!


Watch TV-Japan's video about Mary Ohno & her father, Tadaichi Hirakawa

Mary Ohno & her father Tadaichi Hirakawa, (well-known as" Come Come English"  in 1946-1956) who announced Japanese Emperor Hirohito‚Äôs war-end message in English through the shortwave broadcast to all over the world (Aug. 15, 1945).


Watch here, on TV-Japan,  if you have problems viewing the video above